Thursday, April 2, 2009

FASB Approves Fast Tracked Fair Value Changes

The FASB voted to adopt its most recently proposed changes to fair-value rules. The changes to mark-to-market accounting rules will now allow companies to use “significant judgment” when pricing certain investments in distressed or inactive markets. Analysts say the changes may reduce banks’ write-downs and goose Q1 earnings.

Congress had threatened FASB Chairman Robert Herz at a March 12 Senate hearing to change the fair-value rules or Congress would unilaterally. FASB came out with changes four days later, and fast-tracked them on a two-week comment period. Investors and accountants opposed the changes.

Arthur Levitt is chair of the Investors Working Group and commented “The group is deeply concerned about the apparent FASB succumbing to political pressures, which prevent U.S. investors from understanding the true obligations of U.S. financial institutions.”

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